Hod-Ami Publishing Ltd. specializes in computers and information technology. We have published hundreds of titles over the years, of which over 30 titles are still marketed. Our titles are original books authored by leading scholars and EDP professionals in Israel, and also translated titles from English (Pearson Education, Microsoft Press, SAMS, Wiley, Wrox and other leading publishing houses)The books cover various topics on hardware and software, such as: Operating Systems, Microsoft Office Products, PC Internals, Communications, Internet and Intranet, Programming Languages, Data Organization and Database Management and more…

Hod-Ami also does business translation and publications for companies in Israel and abroad (Samsung, BMS, Noodi Finland, Accel Telocom, Pelephone Cellular Communications, Getter, Dai Telecom, et al).

CEO & contact: Itzhak Amihud
Finance & productions: Sara Amihud

Mailing Address:
Hod-Ami Computer Books Publisher Ltd.
P.O.Box 5361
Herzelia, ISRAEL 4615301
Street Address: Kibbutz Gllil Yam, Israel
Phone:  +972-9-9564716
Fax:  +972-9-9571582

E-mail: info@hod-ami.co.il